Psychology betting – 5 Steps to Success Part 2

Never to step into the world of sports betting that you will be able to replace your income from labor income from betting. Be realistic and instead need to think that if they can achieve within one year of monthly income from betting 20% ​​of your classic payment, it will be great.

You can not expect every day or week will be plus. Understand that bad series sometimes befall them, so there is no need to panic. But if you lose in the long term, maybe you’re doing something wrong. We recommend that you re-evaluate all bets. This way you will be able to detect errors.

3) Learn from your mistakes and discover the cause of the failure

Everyone makes mistakes in life. Whether it is a garbage man or entrepreneur. If you ever had someone tell you that never made a mistake, a bad decision, and so on, definitely lying. Man is not perfect. This is but one side is not bad, so if it can be used. The mistakes we make, we can always learn.

Losing is (like winning) a part of everything, including sports betting. Whether or not successful then decides how they can cope with defeats. Many bettors would succeed, however, will not happen because when they lose lose their heads and they act irrationally. Begin frantically to bet on any bet opportunity to create batteries with many matches, bet with high odds and so on … this is the way to hell.

When you make a mistake, focus on what you learn from it. Know that you have it done, take a deep breath, the whole situation back Analyze and propose better (correct) solution. And no, definitely not the right way to bet more aggressively or … or bet more money. It means, stay calm, balance and look towards a better future.


Should you encounter a bad streak and you are of the opinion that you can catch up, so that’ll bet betting more and larger sums. It is a mistake. Realize that you are currently mentally unbalance and thus prone to foolish behavior. The best approach is, at any given moment to do nothing. Wait for it to cool. And then go on – with the same strategy. If you win otherwise there is no reason because of one bad series to change anything.

4) Understand that success does not come immediately

Everyone in life sometimes fall victim mentality “quickly become rich.” This is a way of thinking, in which before your eyes flit dollar bills and you “know for sure” that in just a short time you will be the money. If something like that happened, you do not have to be ashamed of, as we have said, this delusion in life forfeit virtually everyone (even repeatedly, sometimes even too repeatedly).

You must realize that to get rich quick is very difficult. In most cases such a plan fails. You should therefore prefer to focus on the long term. Understand that success does not come right away. Minimally betting most likely get rich overnight. Success here (as everywhere in life) requires effort and time.

5) Believe in yourself and your dreams

Regardless of which path (or goal) you choose in life, you must always believe that anything is possible and that your goals can actually achieve. Need to deal with conviction. That way you’ll be able to do the things a massive effort to achieve success.

Believing in yourself is a very important factor. Therefore, we are addressing this topic first two lessons this school level betting. If you skip these lessons (or already forget about them), definitely read them carefully and try not to think of them take as much.

You can actually have the best skills, but if you do not believe in yourself and do not act with conviction, their goals can only be achieved very hard. The basis of success is self-confidence. You must have access to a winner, not a loser. Only so fulfill their dreams.

So it works in all areas of life – sports betting exception. Psychology in sports betting plays a very important role, so you psychological factors certainly not be underestimated. Rather, you should focus on their studies.

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Psychology betting – 5 Steps to Success

On the topic of psychology in sports betting would go without any problem, write a book, but the aim of our school is betting teach you as briefly as possible, and always focus on the key point.

No, we do not mean that you will be deprived of some (important) information. But it is understandable that many of you will be interested to read page by page, so it’s sometimes best to be brief. After all, if you’re interested in more information, you can find lots of articles in our sections by sports betting/betting based on experience/psychology and so on.

In this lesson we will build on introduction to psychology, which we have you made in the previous lesson. Today we introduce a “guide” for success. First is absolutely vital that you understand how important psychology is – not only in the betting, but throughout your life. You must also understand that in terms of psychology, one educates a lifetime, not just by reading various articles and books, but also practically. Every experience, every emotion is something of what you can take lessons and ensure that it will somehow move forward.

For today’s lesson to take away key technical learning about how to control his mind and use the power that is within each of us is. Elite athletes, entrepreneurs, and many other successful people unlocked the secrets that this magical, but often mysterious region contains.

1) Set your goals

The journey without a goal is simply wandering. It is very important that you define a clear objective. Where do you want out? Want to become a professional bookmaker? Determining the target is important for many reasons, one example is a source of motivation. Set goal ensures they remain committed to things and be on your way to achieving it show positive progress.

Goal setting is an important part of personal development. This is the driving force that drives us forward.


“I want over the next six months to become consistently profitable punters who will be able to make money by betting 3000 CZK per week.”
“My goal is to make betting during football season, at least 20 000 CZK.”

2) Have realistic expectations

Precisely for this reason, many people ultimately fail and feel disgusted with themselves. For they had unrealistic expectations and goals. In this way, but nothing good is reached – the steps you want to achieve, because they are too difficult to ensure that you did it. Sooner or later, you realize it yourself, you will lose motivation and begin to build the whole thing negatively.

Therefore, make sure that your expectations are realistic. That you want to achieve something that is achievable. I’m not saying you necessarily keep a low profile, but you should not even venturing to the opposite extreme. Start gently and over time can raise the bar. For example, every owner of a small business certainly expected that one day this way will earn millions, but he does not realize that a large% of small Business Unit during the first few years of its existence goes bankrupt. A business that ultimately succeed, definitely do not yield millions now. The owner, they must forge over time.

Realistic expectations when used correctly, they also act as positive reinforcement regarding your goals. When you reach a stopover, it will be a psychological boost. But if you create goals whose achievement is indeed very difficult or even impossible, for the psychological boost will come and come with more desperation and helplessness, thus reliably killers any effort.